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Mother Goose Magic
New this May - Mother Goose Magic will bring joy to your heart!

Mother Goose. Magic with Cheryl AnneMother Goose
Join Cheryl Anne (from Seussology) and Goosey Gander as she performs magic to children's Nursery Rhymes. With her sense of humor and her ability to make children laugh she has created the perfect tribute to Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes.

Mother Goose Magic has games, lively music, dance and of course....Magic! Audience Participation is a must.

Mother Goose BakingSince May is Mother Goose month, what better way to celebrate than to bake a cake. Watch the magic unfold, as two helpers from the audience are dressed as bakers. Their magic oven, a hat, is filled with wonderful ingredients, but wait..... Mother Goose has forgotten to put in the pan. Yuck, what a mess....... but it is really? Find out what unfolds.
Humpty Dumpty
Jack and JillWatch Humpty Dumpty come to life, no fall for him! Children help create Humpty and then are amazed as he comes to life right in front of their eyes.

Jack and Jill have a problem, there is a water shortage. They must become very creative to get their pail of water. Watch as the water is magically pumped out of a helper from the audience. The surprise is at the ending....... is there really water in the pail after all?

<Mother Goose Rocks
So what would it sound like if Lady Gaga, Pink, Cee Lo Green, Fall Out Boy, Michael Buble, Beyonce, Carrie Underwood, Justin Timberlake and other pop music superstars tried their hand at singing classic kiddie songs? Find out! Partial Sound Track for Mother Goose Rocks.


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