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Lee’s Amazing Slot Cars


Welcome to Lee’s Fun and Interactive Speedway”, a thrilling attraction suitable for ages 8 to 100. This dynamic speedway boasts six individual lanes, each under remote control.   The cars are held securely by a unique slot and magnet mechanism. Watch your touch, as the cars' trajectory might vary based on your handling. (In other words, fly off the track)

This innovative setup showcases a foldable 4’x12’ slot car board, making it incredibly versatile and adaptable to various spaces. To set up this engaging experience, a minimum area of 7’ x 15’ is needed. Powered by a standard outlet, the Speedway is expertly managed by the experienced race master, Lee, guaranteeing a flawlessly orchestrated event for all participants. Whether you prefer a competitive sprint to the finish or a challenge that demands precision to stay on track, remember that finesse and control reign supreme.

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