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Halloween Shows


Halloween Magic and Mystery Show -
Magical Extravaganza - A Night of Astonishment
Prepare for an unforgettable evening of magic and wonder! Join us for:

Mind-Blowing Magic: Be amazed by unbelievable illusions, mind-bending tricks, and interactive fun.

Audience Participation: You'll become part of the magic!

Houdini-Style Escapes: Thrill to daring escapes from ropes, chains, and a straightjacket.

Live Animals: Watch live animals appear and disappear like magic.



Face Painters and Animal Balloonists

What goes together better than Halloween and Face Painting.  Why, Halloween, Face Painting and Animal Balloons of course.    We can paint your little monsters into all kinds of wonderful princesses, super heros and for Halloween we have wonderful witch faces, werewolves  and the more traditional skeletons.   Have your guest bring home a Halloween Animal Balloon Sculpture – ghosts, spiders and scary hats are a few of our Halloween choices.



Halloween Dance Party with DJ Dave
 Meet DJ Dave! He has added The Great Broom Race, A Scavenger Hunt for Zombies  &  Make a Mummy Contest to his Halloween Mix.  Plus he will play:
 He offers prizes and guarantees





Professor Knowsall
The Prof. Knowsall Show of Magic and Juggling brings the perfect combination of Ghoulish and Goofy to your Halloween, or other Eerie, Celebration! 

The Honorable Professor Knowsall, purveyor of enchanted artifacts and cursed objects; spirits consulted or exorcised; Prestidigitation of the macabre and the bizarre; familiar to ghoulies & ghosties and long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night.




The Good, The Icky and The Slimy
Perfect for a different kind of Halloween Show.    Bugs and spiders, along with frogs and snakes are thought to be "icky" by many people. But the amazing animals in this show will make you forget your discomfort. The Madagascar Hissing Cockroach of "Fear Factor" factor fame, is just a lot of air and really nothing to be afraid of. Tarantulas are actually hairy, peace loving creatures, scorpions glow in the dark, (yes really!). Frogs swallow with their eyes and toads are poisonous. And most amazing are the snakes, which have no eye lids, replaceable teeth, a skull with hinges, they live nearly everywhere, eat everything from deer to fish to alligators and there are over 3000 different kinds!



Spooky/Silly Halloween
A giggly brew of silly/spooky costumed concert that will delight your kids! Join in the silly songs & dances, including “Trick or Treat”, “I’m Not Afraid” & autumn favorites!






Scared Silly
Meet our cast of characters who are available for your event.  They are perfect for Meet and Greet and Magic.  Shows are custom designed dependant on character selection.  We can even offer Frankenstein on Stilts.

Characters can be multi-talented and do magic, juggling, stilts and a wide range of circus skills.   The Witch or Frankenstein on stilts is a popular pick



Salazar's Spooky Sorcery
Award winning magician and illusionist Anthony Salazar bring some ghostly fun as he present his spooky Halloween Magic!  Watch as he brings ghosts to life as a haunted handkerchief dances around the room!!  Imagine seeing his psychic snake find a chosen card!   Be shocked as he saws a lady in half .Anthony’s show includes lots of comedy, magic and audience participation. It is spooky fun for the whole family.  A two person illusion show can also be provided.

See:  Haunted Hanky and  Psychic Snake

Wow!  Some great photos, thanks!  I thought Karen was fabulous.  Anthony Salazar was well attended.  He did a great job drumming up business for his show.  He put on a tremendous show.  A great time had by all.  Thanks for all your help!
Nate, Smithville Village



Big Jeff’s Halloween Routine
a musical celebration of
imagination and light-hearted spookiness.

Wearing a starry blue wizard costume, guitar in hand, Big Jeff sings original songs about trick-or-treating, Jack-O-Lanterns, witches, vampires and more. Kids love to get involved, thumping along and keeping the beat to "Boogie with the Boogieman," doing the "Dance of 1,000 Ghosts," and imitating various "Scary Sounds." Familiar favorites pop up too, like "There was an Old Woman All Skin and Bones," "The Cat Came Back," "The Witchdoctor," and "One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Purple-People Eater," which is represented by a goofy hand-puppet.

When Big Jeff is joined by his Middle-Sized Band, the presentation is even more colorful and high-energy. Drummer Ken Serio and bassist Mark Rufino conjure up a groove that shakes the bones, while Dave Kleiner adds lead guitar, banjo, and various sound effects. Altogether, they're four expert



Ooky The Kook’s Spooktacular
An hour long magic/variety show for ALL ages featuring New Jersey's craziest and spookiest Halloween Hunchback, OOKY THE absolute goof-spook funfest of hysterically funny and eerie proportions for the Halloween season..levitating objects (ghost silks & a zombie-skull), multiplying eyeballs, black and orange sponge ball transposition, juggling mini pumpkins & skeleton clubs and so much more...audience participation..
Have fun,





Wolfie's Everything Show
Let Wolfie truly bring out the Halloween Seasons spirit at your event. Join Woolfie as he sings creepy songs, uses scary props, ventriloquism and creepy magic.

Great for Meet and Greet!



Wacky Witch
Halloween Entertainment with the Wacky Witch: Wild and wonderful Wacky Witch may not have the quickest broom in the closet, but she'll have your monsters in stitches with monstrous magic, funny fortune telling, fantastic face painting, and scarcely-scary stories.




The Possessed Undertaker

A Halloween Show that  includes readings of Edgar Allen Poe (abridged or un) and/or other scary stories, a show meant to entertain adults and/or family. Undertaker usually 90 min - 2 hours.





Frankenstein Magic Show
Scare up some laughs and gasps this Halloween season with the fun filled Frankenstein Magic Show!  Magician and juggler Ron Maslanka brings his own unique variation to this classic monster, making him funnier and far more lovable than scary. Audience participation abounds as you help Frank control the floating skull, and bring back the disappearing bats. Can you chain this Monster? You can try, but Frank always escapes. Juggle with the Monster: bones and brains and plates from the mad doctor's laboratory.  It'll be an All Hallows Eve to remember when you invite Frankenstein!




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