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Whale Tales - Save the Whales Assemblies

whale1Save the Whales Assemblies also referred to as whale Tales “goes off the deep end” to offer a program that has no live animals in it!  No real whales, of course, but a great interesting combination of real and artificial hand specimens, illustrative posters and photos, and a few short video clips. These Whales Assemblies offer much more than just a few pictures or a sleepy slide show!


Humpback_Whale1A Humpback Whale, one of the more common of the baleen whales.


belugaThe program begins by introducing types of whales and what they look like, using photos and video. There are 2 basic types, the toothed whales like the Sperm Whale and the Dolphins and the Baleen Whales, like the Humpback above.



A truly “white whale” the Beluga. Though actually more closely related to a dolphin, you can see from the skull we bring, (a perfect replica) that these whales’ heads are full of teeth.

Always Early, Always Ready, Always Professional, Always Very Informative, Educational and Fun!
--Pennsville School Principal
I would like to express our overwhelming satisfaction with Whale Tales, through an interactive and multi-sensory approach, they captivated and enlightened our audience
.---Somerset Hills School

-Kids and their parents in Princeton know that they will be enlightened, educated and entertained. We know the presenter will be on time, on topic, and passionate about the subject.
---Alison Santos, Princeton Library
My 5-year-old was enthralled and thrilled beyond words. All 20 of his closest friends were completely captivated too. The parents are still raving about the party almost a month later, even the parents are still talking about what they learned.--Jacklyn Frost
I think you have a fantastic group of animals and do some of the best presentations and lectures I have ever seen.-- Mike Paitchell, NJ Science Festival Coordinator


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