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We offer quality children’s educational entertainment for preschools, elementary school assembly programs, day cares and private parties. Children are natural learners and we strive to ensure they are focused, excited and entertained while they learn.

Our talented artists are available for Holiday Parties, Birthday Parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Communions, Corporate Events, Township/political Gatherings, Street Fairs, School Celebrations, Day Cares and Camps. Our talent is the best of the best and they have a proven track record. Let us take the planning, interviewing, scheduling, and paperwork headache into our competent hands.

Please browse through our web site. We are sure you’ll find many things to suit your event. If you don’t see it here, we can find it for you!  We have been serving the NJ tri state area for over 35 years. We are fully insured.

Pricing and availability are only a phone call away. We will make sure your next occasion is truly magical. After all, we have the finest performers New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania has to offer!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and helpful personnel. We’re looking forward to help you plan your greatest event ever!

Please take a moment to read our wonderful testimonials!

Cheryl Anne Currier, Owner

Our latest shows and programs:

The Magic of Dr. Suess  new1
The Cat invites children on a madcap romp into the whimsical world of Dr Seuss. Magic, juggling, and slapstick humor bring to life the classic books from the Cat in the Hat to the Lorax and beyond. Educational, entertaining and inspirational, the Magic of Dr Seuss presents the joy of reading and the wonders of the imagination.

Tour Of The Animal Kingdom new1
This unique program allows children to explore and understand the different groups of animals and how they are classified. Program will share representatives from five groups: mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and arthropods

Professor Imnota Dimbletwit’s Hogwarts Show new1
A wondrous Harry Potter-themed style show of magnificent proportions. Learn from Hogwarts Historian/ Librarian & Keeper-Of-Awesome-Knowledge, Prof. Imnota Dimbletwit. Hilarious, fun, magical, and educational! (45 min.)

Hillbilly Harry’s Hilarious Hoedown new1
A knee-slapping hilarious western style show with Hillbilly Harry. A bit of goofy magic, rope & hat tricks, knockabout comedy, juggling & so much more! A truly wild and wacky hootenanny of hysterical proportions! (45 min)
Doc Rocko Shocko’s Madcap Science Show new1
Enter the laboratory of the hilarious, cool, & hip, Doc Rocko Shocko. Learn exciting and goofy science magic from the best and the kookiest madcap scientist around!! Incredible Shrinking Eggs, Super Strong Paper, Dancing Silks, Flying Money!!!! (45 min)

Tie Dye Party
Bring your own shirt to twist and tie.  Then learn the magic of color mixing to create your own wearable art.  Samples of twisting patterns and a color wheel chart will be provided. Dye will be applied by an attendant. Click here.

Slime Party
Design and create your own slime.  Each child can choose to make a clear fluffy slime, and then customize it with colors or glitter add-ins.  (Approximately 50 kids).  Click here.

Animal Friends
This program specifically designed for younger children, focusing on an initial encounter with animals traditionally considered “cute and cuddly.”  It can be very hands-on, as most of the animals used in the program can be touched. Animals include rabbits, chinchillas, ferrets, hedgehogs, small birds, frogs and turtles. Click here

Mammal Mania
This program focuses on the classification of mammals, and what makes them special. Representatives can include both large (skunks, porcupines, wallabies, coatimundis) and small (sugar gliders, rabbits). Click here

Dino Puppets
Join Professor Al O'Saurus and his Prehistoric Puppet Pals on a journey into the fascinating world of the Dinosaurs! One of the most amazing finds in all of paleontology was that of the a Velociraptor (Raptor) and a Protoceratops locked in mortal combat. Explore this by meeting each of these five foot long dinosaurs in person, Next, witness the hatching of a Brontosaurus egg. Finally, encounter the long necked aquatic, seven foot long Plesiosaurus (45 minute show). Click here.

The KCC Cooking Show
is a 45 minute long comedy, magic, variety show for all ages.   Watch as Chef KCC magically produce eggs, tomatoes and carrots from mid air at his fingertips, vanishes a quart of milk & Oreo cookies in his chef’s hat.  He will levitate  leaves of lettuce, juggle multiple kitchen utensils and food, balance a frying pan on his forehead along with much more madcap fun and zaniness!!!  Chef KCC creates a wildly fun and hilarious experience in the kitchen that will inspire all to learn the secrets, skills & safety of cooking.

Kids Fun Magic by Mr. D
Enjoy the comedy and magic of Mr. D’s K*ids Fun Magic Show.   Watch  as colorful silks and balls magically appear and disappear, ropes are stretched and newspapers are torn and put back together.    Laugh at the silliness of gardens being grown and pizza being cooked all with the help of the most important ingredient – you the audience! Click here

Beautiful Butterflies
Beautiful Butterflies – Great for meet and greet, photo opportunities, dance set, parades, atmospheric entertainment, character interaction with guests, etc.  The costume we put with the wings can be anything from kid party friendly to club sexy.  They do have LED lights in them, which make them great for darker or night time events.  Click here

Being Benjamin Franklin
Is a 45 min extremely fun & interactive science/history educational show magnified 4.0 and performed for your educational needs and enjoyment; good ole Ben takes you and your kids on a fantastical journey into the scientific and wildly fun mind of one of our nation's most famous and fun people, Benjamin Franklin
.. Click here.

Hamlin the Wizard
"YOU are a Wizard" and Professor Hamlin of Hogwart's School is seeking you! He has packed his trunk full of wonders and will appear at your event. Assisted by Hamlin, children will perform feats of magic to the amazement of all. Seemingly mundane objects will float, vanish and appear with hilarious results. With a wave of a wizard's wand, Hamiln makes your day magical!
.. Click here.

Lee’s Circus Extravaganza
is a 30 minute kaleidoscope of juggling, plate spinning, unicycle jump roping, audience interaction, magic
and much more.
.. Click here.

Captain Shazamshazoobop
is a Super Hero who has telekinetic magic galore, self-levitation and feats of super silly strength like balancing a chair on his face and much, much more. Coming soon!

Safari Sam
comes complete with a Pith Helmet and Gray Mustache, as well as Jungle Puppets – a parrot and lion to name a few, who will amuse you with their silly antics. Coming soon!

Super Bubble Fun Time!
Everybody Loves Bubbles!  In this new show children and adults get to enjoy a colorful rainbow of bubbles in all shapes and sizes.  Enjoy music, bubbleology, games and comedy.  Watch as children are totally entrapped and entranced by gazillions of bubbles! ..
Click here.

Anti Bullying Assembly K-6
Bullying is often born of dislike; and dislike comes from misunderstanding and fear. If understanding is created and fear eliminated then much of bullying goes away. This Anti Bullying Assembly is offered for younger children, because it is easily accepted, does not use confrontation or scare tactics, since we learn about the animals and through them - ourselves!  Click here

Tropical Rainforest Animal Program

The Tropical Rainforest is perhaps The most interesting habitat on
Earth. These forests are filled with amazing animal species using adaptations to survive that are astonishing to learn about, yet humans are quickly, still destroying them.
Click here.

Mother Goose Magic
Join Cheryl Anne (from Seussology) and Goosey Gander as she performs magic to children's Nursery Rhymes.
Click here.

Big Bug Party
Entertaining while we educate, never to scare or discourage. Our new Big Bug Party isn't ready yet, and won't be until the 1st of June, but it can be booked right now to make sure you get to see it as soon as possible... Click here.

Choo, Choo Charlie
Choo Choo Charlie has added India and China to his global tour

Suessology Update!
The Bear, the Rabbit, and the Zinniga-Zanniga, a lost story form the 1950's is now a new and integral part of Seussology. Alive and magically appearing the Rabbit is the right size to hop into your event. Anytime is a good time to enjoy Seussology.

Prof. Pratfalinski's Wondrous World of Scientific Sorcery
A 45 min. magic/variety show with a heavy theme on science and it's magical influence.... ball, club juggling, plate spinning, object levitation, turning water & ice to snow in the summer, silk & coin vanishing, crushed and fully restored Red Bull can (which can actually be drunk from after restoration), audience participation, loads of laughs and so much more.
Click here.

The Madcap Melodrama of Magnificent Madness - is a highly interactive, wild and zany melodrama chock filled with mystery, magic, slapstick, sight gags, one-liner jokes, pies, pratfalls, ricocheting rubber chickens, dueling plungers, audience participation, madcap fun and plenty of laughs.  Click here.

Great for Halloween
The Curse of the Silver Pearl Swashbuckling Spooktacular starring Boot Buckle Bob (pirate extraordinaire). A 45 min pirate variety magic show with skull juggling, plank walking hilarity, egg tossing vanishes, pirate treasure to bucket productions, music and plenty of audience participation and laughs!

The Circus Reading is Seusssensational
This is a 45 min. Reading show for libraries and schools of the children’s classic book IF I RAN THE CIRCUS with juggling, plate spinning, hat tricks, knockabout physical comedy, object balancing, music, audience participation infused with the magical, wild and wacky wordplay of Dr. Seuss!!!

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